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Payslips Explained


When you get your first payslip from AmberPay it may not look like other payslips you have had in the past. This information sheet helps explain this.


AmberPay charges its clients fees for your services. The fee we charge is described on your payslip as “AmberPay Income”. We tell you how much we receive from the client for your information only – it is important to remember that this is not the amount of your wages.


The amount we pay you is slightly less than we receive, to account for our costs and employer’s National Insurance that we are required to pay. From the remaining figure we then pay your wages and your tax free expenses.


Your remittance advice slip also shows the amount of employer’s national insurance we have to pay and the amount we deduct to cover our costs – again this is only for your information.


Please help us to help you. We can only pay you genuine and legitimate allowable expenses and we rely on you sending us receipts for everything except for mileage allowances, which is detailed as a log on your expense claim form.


You must tell us if you move house or change your place of work. If you do not you may be missing out or over-claiming expenses. You do not want to have the tax man on your back.


Please complete your registration paperwork. We cannot pay you unless you have signed and returned your contract for services and completed the other forms sent to you.



Legitimate expenses are not paid as an additional sum on top of the amount received by Amberpay Limited, but are deducted from your payment before calculation of statutory deductions. This enables you to obtain tax and NIC relief for these expenses. If your expense form covers several weeks it may not all be reimbursed in the same week and they may be carried forward each week until all the expenses have been allocated.


We hope you found this information helpful. Please contact AmberPay with any queries on 0333 335 6060.