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Unacceptable Behavior Policy

We are committed to dealing with all employees, contractors and clients fairly, impartially and in a proper, friendly and considerate manner. We enjoy all our contact, and are more than happy for communication to be verbal or written, whether by email, letter or fax.


However, we will not tolerate behavior or communications that we deem unacceptable. This includes offensive, abusive or threatening attitudes towards us. In such circumstances we will take action to protect our staff from that behavior.


If a member of our staff considers that a communication is unacceptable for the reasons stated above, we will tell them why we find that behavior unreasonable, and we will ask them to change it. If the unacceptable behavior continues, we reserve the right to take action to terminate that interaction.

Terminating communication will not necessarily prevent further interaction with us. However, where a person continues to behave in a way which is unacceptable, we may decide again to terminate the contact immediately.

Where we consider the behavior to be extreme, we have the right to terminate our contract with the party concerned. We also reserve the right to take legal action. In such cases, we may not give the complainant prior warning of that action.